"I can't believe he responded so well to you!  You're the first tutor he's been able to work with and learn from.  Keep doing whatever it is you're doing!"

     -Mary, parent

"He has an A in math!  He's got the highest grade in the class!  Last year, he had the lowest...from an F to an THAT'S improvement!"

    - Lisa, parent

"I was answering questions right in class for once!  (My teacher) was shocked!"

    - Ellen, student

"I see so much more confidence in him!  He actually looks forward to going to tutoring because it's helping!"

    - Connie, parent (after 2 sessions)

"The light has turned on!  I've never seen him giddy about math!"

    - Brenda, parent

"You're an answer to our prayers!"

    - Susan, parent

"That's it?!  My teacher made it sound confusing, but you make it sound so easy!"

​     - Jamie, student

"She was getting a D, and now she has a B+!"

    - Vivian, parent

"I never enjoyed math before YOU came along!"

    - Brandon, student

"She really enjoys working with you...and her grades show it!"

​     - Judy, parent

"Thank you SO much for helping my boys.  They LOVE going to tutoring!"

    - Beth, parent

"He does have all A's and B's for the first time in several years of school.  And, he did get accepted into (the college of his choice).  You have been awesome to work with, and I really appreciate the value of what you have done in helping my son.  Details you have provided are very helpful in understanding where my son is in his development and abilities.  I'll be sure to suggest your help to other parents!"

    - Tom, parent

"You have given him the confidence he needed.  Thank YOU!"

    - Shirley, parent

"He was a C-average student.  Now he has straight A's!"

​     - Don, parent

"I take the greatest personal and professional pleasure in recommending Ms. Melissa Hess to you..."

    - Steve Obertate, GMS Assistant Principal

"You should take the place of my math teach much better than she does!"

    - Jill, student

"LOOK!  I got my first A on a test!"

​     -Stacy, student

"Thank you for taking the time to explain it to me.  I actually know what I'm doing now!"

    - Bryan, student

"(Her) work has significantly improved since you have been working with her, so good work!"

    - Jane, teacher

"My son really enjoys working with you!"

    - Mike, parent

"She is organized, helpful, and caring.  To sum it all up, she is everything a teacher needs to be."

    -Katie, student

"She's understanding much more in class now.  Thank you!"

    - Debbie, parent

"I notice (the improvement) in the way he the words he uses."

    - Mark, parent

"I recommend Melissa Hess without reservations."

     - Dena Steiner, SLS Principal

"He earned a 93% in English!"

​     - Laurie, parent

"There are very high expectations for learning, but she works with each child to ensure understanding."

    - Donna Ott, teacher

"(She) was very aware of the need to adopt expectations and instructional procedures so all students experienced success.  She used assessments to identify students who needed additional exposure and learning opportunities to achieve mastery of key concepts.  I'm confident you will be pleased with her personal qualities, dedication to excellence, knowledge of content, effective use of technology, and the teaching skills she will bring to your school community."

    - Robert Trout, student teaching supervisor

"You're looking at a SMART boy now!"

    Noah, student