Level 1

This level includes help with homework and review of classroom curriculum based on materials you supply (textbooks, classroom notes, workbooks, & assignments).  We will check current understanding, refresh past lessons, and/or introduce upcoming lessons as needed.  Study strategies, note taking skills, and organizational skills are reviewed as necessary.  During Summer, this level is only offered to students enrolled in summer school or an online program.

Level 2

In addition to Level 1, this level includes the use of state academic standards, which are used to assess and improve current understanding as well as to discover any learning gaps.  A standards-based evaluation is used to help us provide material specific to each student's needs in order to achieve mastery of each skill as needed.

Each session is based on materials you supply as well as supplemental materials we prepare and provide that will help improve each student's understanding and support each student in achieving his/her academic goals.  Games related to math and language arts may be used to help make learning fun for students.

Level 3

In addition to Level 2, this level includes individualized activities and math and/or language arts assessments, which are used to improve and monitor progress.  During the school year, we will contact your child's math or language arts teacher via email to get an idea of your child's ongoing classroom behavior, abilities, and work progress at your request.  If you prefer we not contact your child's teacher, we can check your child's classroom status online (if updated) or provide a printout of your child's online grade report at each session to enable us to stay up-to-date on classroom performance and to make note of any trends to focus on during our sessions. 

During Summer, take-home assignments will be given to practice new skills and to monitor progress between each tutoring session.  Approximate reading and comprehension levels can be assessed as well at your request.

Level 4

This level is an extension of Level 3, which includes ongoing contact with multiple classroom teachers as well as a weekly grade printout upon request.

This level also applies to career improvement, undergraduate studies, and standardized test preparation (ECA, ACT, SAT, SSAT).  A minimum of six sessions following diagnostic testing is recommended for test prep tutoring.  Practice standardized tests are utilized and assignments will be given at each session.  Study strategies and test-taking strategies are taught.  For an in-depth review of past PSAT/SAT/ACT results, an additional $5.00 per one-hour session is allocated as this includes a thorough look at past results.

Tutoring is available year round.  Each one-on-one learning session is generally planned for one hour; however, shorter (recommended for students K-2) or longer sessions (only recommended for students 9-Adult) are available upon request.  The last five minutes of each session are reserved for speaking to a child's parent to review what was completed and what needs to be worked on as well as to answer any questions.

Tutoring is conducted either in a public library or school conference room setting.  If preferred, we offer in-home tutoring.  A $5.00 minimum per session charge will be added for this convenience.

As qualified tutors, we are familiar with using higher-order learning.  This helps students reach their fullest potential, and in turn, feel more confident in their academic abilities.